Questions to Consider when Hiring a Home Inspection Service

There are plenty of Home Inspection Services in any given city. How do you then identify a good company from amongst numerous bad ones? There is always this risk of making a bad hiring decision and the resulting poor service and waste of money. In order to simplify the selection process, you can ask certain questions to streamline your research. Here’s how to go about it.

Is the company credible?

In order to get the answer to this question, check client testimonials, online reviews, and Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of a company.

You can collect a list of local home inspection companies via online searches. Use keywords like ‘Online Home Inspection Services Near Me’ to generate good search results.

Check the websites to find information about BBB ratings. The best companies will not have a ranking below A+. Client testimonials and online reviews will be mostly positive.

Reliable companies will also respond to all inquires promptly and professionally. So, you can send them an email to inquire about their services or availability. You can also call them to see how they respond to you.

What is the level of the company’s industry experience?

In order to get answer to this question, check the companies’ websites for number of inspections conducted so far.

It is always better to hire a company with extensive industry experience. But you need to also ascertain if their experience is backed by solid numbers. When you search for ‘Online Home Inspection Services Near Me’, you will get results for companies with all levels of experiences. So, you will really need to carefully weed out the ones with limited industry experience.

Check the companies’ experience in handling specific types of inspections. If you want a home inspection then it is not a good idea to hire a commercial inspection company with no experience in handling residential inspections and vice versa. For home inspections, ensure that you consider a company’s residential inspection experience for the best results.

Who performs the inspections?

In order to get answer to this question, either check the companies’ websites or call them on the number provided for inquiries. You will also find the phone numbers on the websites.

A company that hires engineer inspectors will offer better services compared to companies that employ only general contractors or code inspectors. You will not find many Home Inspection Services where the work is helmed by engineers. So, check this information properly.

Engineers are qualified to conduct thorough inspections. They can also provide solutions to problems found during the inspections. General contractors can only perform basic inspections, which may not be right for all home buyers or sellers.

What kind of inspection services does the company offer?

In order to get answer to this question, check the service verticals of credible companies you have identified so far.

For residential inspections, the services can be for new, pre-existing, and under-construction homes. Many homeowners may want end-of-builder’s warranty inspections or final walk-through inspections before taking possession of a house.

Standalone services such as termite inspections, pool inspections, energy audits, or foundation analysis can be extremely useful for both homeowners and buyers. If you require a small and specific service, you will not need to opt for a full-fledged home inspection. You can choose a service as per your requirements.

Are the costs of services justified as per their specifications?

In order to get answer to this question, check if the cost is comparable with the inspection checkpoints included in a service.

The cost must be justified with what will be included in the inspection reports. Assess if the extra cost for an engineer’s report is really worth it. You can compare price points across various companies to arrive at a proper conclusion about a fair rate.

Also consider inclusions such as videos and photographs to support the inspection report. Many companies include these resources in the inspection report. Pictorial evidence can come in handy to show proof to builders if something is amiss in your new home. You can also show them to the seller in order to get them to slash the prices owning to issues in the house or request them to undertake the necessary repairs before you buy the house.
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