Accessories You Can Surprise Your Wife With on This Karwa Chauth

karwa chauth gift for wife

We all know how adamantly every Indian wife fasts on the occasion of Karwa Chauth only to make sure that her husband’s life gets as smooth as possible. On this day, she prays to god that her husband can have all the happiness in the world that he/she deserves. But what are you planning to do for her. Have you also thought about making the day best for her? If yes, then fine but if no, then it is the time to start with your preparations to make sure that you can do everything to surprise your special one.

It is very well known how much your wife loved getting ready for this occasion as it is her day to look the best. We will not be wrong if said that she gets ready as she is just going to sit in the wedding mandap again. She gets dolled up with an embellished dress and loads of jewelry to look the prettiest of all. To help her get dolled up, on this Karwa Chauth why not give her something that brings a wide smile on her face.

Here is a list of Karwa Chauth gifts that you can give to your dearest wife that will be of great help to her. She can wear all these accessories on the day to finish up her look.

Journey Necklace

This isn't your average necklace that you find in the market. Journey necklaces showcase a series of polished diamonds or gemstones typically set from smallest to the largest in a curved line. The pendant is built to signify or celebrate a wonderful occasion, journey together or memory of your life. She will wear this necklace and remember every moment that you have spent with each other and will pray for it to get better by every passing day.

Golden Waistband

The waistbands are an ideal gift for a wife on this Karwa Chauth if she is a saree woman. You can give her a very delicate and adorable golden waistlet with fine designs on it. She will not be expecting this gift from you and will be surprised to get it. Make sure that she wears this Karwa Chauth with saree and looks the prettiest of all.

Charm Jewelry

All you need to give her to make her very special is get the best charm jewelry for her. You can get all the name initials of hers and yours added onto the jewelry. She will love how caringly you have got something like this for her. Charm jewelry is a perfect way for you to give something customized to her. This stylish jewelry is available in a variety of metals and colors. You can get anything, be it a necklace, bracelet, or bangles. Just make sure to look for charms which reflect her preferences and personalities.

Gold Hoop Earrings

One could never have these many pairs of earrings in gold hoops. This famous staple of jewelry creates the ideal finish for any look. Look for exclusive hoops that deliver something unique from what she might already have. You do want to give her the best Karwa Chauth gift, then make sure you take her along with you and ask her to pick the best hoop earrings that she loves.

Maatha Patti

For every Indian woman, maatha patti or say maang tikka has been a very important accessory to wear whenever any occasion. Give her a dainty golden maang tikka that is studded with kundan on it. She will love this and is surely going to adorn it one her forehead for Karwa Chauth.

Vintage Jewels

If your wife likes pieces that deliver something remarkable, then search for jewelry that is retro or classic-inspired to lend a hand to her to create an all her own look. A bracelet or earrings that looks vintage ensures that she can have the best look. Whether it's a surreal broach or oxidized pair of earrings; she will like it all.

For this year’s Karwa Chauth celebration you can ensure that you surprise your dear wife with the best gifts. You can get her all of these accessories and help her get ready for this special day. She will be surprised with this wowzaa surprise and is going to give you a tight hug for once.

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