Gemstones That One Can Wear

Those who study astrology say that there are 9 planets in the universe and each of them has a crucial role to play in human lives. All of these planets have some positive effects on every individual and these planets mostly represent a gemstone which when worn by one can get benefitted by the positive energies by those planets.

But before wearing any of them, one must buy certified gemstones online because one can get the best effects only by wearing authentic gemstones. Also one has to be aware of which gemstone they must wear. Not all gemstones are for everyone. It completely depends on one’s birth chart and the placement of planets on there that which particular gemstone or gemstones can bring good future to them. Here are some varieties of gemstones that one can wear:


Ruby is a gemstone which is ruled by the Sun and it is said to be the most powerful one among all the planets. The color of the stone also resembles Sun’s hues which is red or crimson. This stone mainly represents the power of the Sun which is dignity, boldness, courage and kindness of heart. This stone if advised to be worn then one must wear it on their ring finger of the right hand. The stone has to be embedded in a ring which is made of copper or gold so that they can get the best results.


Pear gemstone represents the moon and hence it also represents the calmness of minds. This stone when worn keeps the mind peaceful and it can also remove all the malicious effects that can happen on an individual. It saves the wearer form all kinds of depression and gloom. Fresh water pearls are needed to be worn on the right hand and that too on the ring finger. One can wear them in a silver or a gold band.

Red Coral

This stone is mainly available in sea water and they are mostly worn by people who are suffering from Mangalik dosha in their birth chart. Hence if one can wear this stone then they can come out from this dosha. Driven by the planet of Mars this stone can also keep the wearer healthy. It is said to prevent diseases like indigestion, small pox, acidity and other digestion related issues. This is also needed to be worn in the right hand and in the ring finger.


This stone is driven by the planet of Mercury and hence it is all about business, intellect, love and education. It is always advised by the astrologers that those who have the birth planet as Mercury must wear this stone so that they can have a good future ahead. The green color of this stone has exceptional healing power. It also helps one to lead a healthy life.

Apart from these one can also wear hessonite, blue and yellow sapphire and other stones as well. To check original gemstone price, one can see Khanna Gems because they deal with certified gemstones only.
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