What Type Of Tests Are Done To Ascertain The Properties Of Rocks?

Civilization emergence includes construction of buildings but also more complicated projects such as dams. Rocks is one the most commonly used material in such work, and it is entirely different from the natural one.

Are you curious to know, “Do you know what rock testing is?”, “Why is it done?”

Testing of rocks in the laboratory is carried out to assess the high tensile strength and flexibility of unscathed components androck content’s capacity of deterioration and decomposition.

In order to design cut slopes, rock fills, tunnels, to assess shore protection materials, the variables extracted out of rock testing are used. Rocks have dynamic characteristics that are not uniform across a specific mass.

Now, the question arises, “What are the types of rock test?”

The conventional test includes loading-strength testsand there are some other tests also which are common such as the Brazilian test, slake durability, direct shear, radiography test, NDT, etc. Each test has specific rock analysis equipment to bring out the final results. The following are the rock tests:

·         The loading-strength test is used tofind outthe classification of rock contents based on their strengthwith the help of an index test.

Rock materials are in different forms such as core, irregular lumps that are broken down by application of concentrated load through a pair of platens. This test is performed to assess the uniaxial compressive strength.

·         Direct shear tests are used to scrutinize attributes that are frictional as well as rock discontinuity features.

It is performed to check out the shear strength features along with the weaknesses. It is affected by the overwhelming tension. It states that the more the overwhelming tension is, the more will be the shear strength of rock.

·         Special preparation is required for a direct tensile strength often complex for most of the labs, therefore, such strength is measured by constricted loading cylindrical specimens across their diameter is known as the Brazilian test.

This test is performed to measure the split-ductile shear of intact rock material. It is considered more convenient than a direct-tensile shear test. Although, the results given by both the tests are very similar.

·         In order to check durability, slake durability is used. There are some weak and soft rocks exposed to the wetting and during cycles on which such tests are used.

These rocks go through decomposition as well as degradation because of the exposure they get from the new environment.

There are some other tests to determine their elasticity, soundness of Riprap, abrasion, capacity to absorb the water, etc. There are various factors such as degradation factor, flakiness, etc. which are required to be tested to abide by some specific standards.

The length to diameter ratio is also kept in mind while undergoing such tests and for meeting certain standards. pH meter, tooling, etc. are the equipments among many others.

If you are interested in rock testing lab equipment, you can find reputed companies supplying these equipments and adept after-sale services.

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