Health Benefits of Having Tart Cherries


Cherries have a perfect sweet and tangy combination. Apart from having a charming colour it is delicious and juicy. Tart cherries are also known as sour berries or dwarf cherries. Though they are mostly available during monsoon, these days they are available throughout the year.

One can buy cherry berry mix from online sites or offline stores because they have a great taste. One can add them on their tarts and salads. Cherry fruit is a particular one which is loaded with vitamins and nutrients and so one can have a lot of health benefits by eating them.

Tart cherries are fond throughout the year as mentioned above and they are bold red in colour. They are considered to be super food because it is loaded with anti oxidants and phytochemicals. Here are some major health benefits of it.

 Cancer Protection

There are plenty of harmful substances present in the air. From air, water and even food; everything can damage the body cells and it can lead to cancer. Tart cherries are loaded with some disease fighting chemicals like ellagic acid, limonene and alcohol which can help in inhibiting the cell transformation. As a result, it can prevent cancer and inflammation.

 Fight Heart Diseases

As it has been mentioned earlier, tart cherries are full of anti oxidants and that includes quercetin. This quercetin helps in the reduction of the blood pressure level in a human body and it can also prevent oxidative damage. If one can consume a considerable amount of tart cherries on a regular basis then it can fight heart diseases as well. One can take this as fresh fruit or can have them as a juice. But it is any day better to have fresh fruits. It is also said that a glass full of tart cherry juice can also reduce muscle pain. Hence one can add a moderate amount of juice to their daily diet too.

Treats Insomnia

Tart cherries can always help one to prevent sleeping disorders. One can drink a glass of juice of this fruit in the morning and evening both and one will be able to sleep well at night. Cherries have melatonin which can trigger peaceful and good sleep. This hormone can regulate the sleep cycle in the internal body clock.

Prevents Gout

Gout is a kind of arthritis which causes repeated attacks of intense pain and swelling. One can drink tart cherry juice (dilute it a bit with water) on a regular basis to prevent this disease. Tart cherry can lower the levels of uric acid in the body which is the main cause of gout.

 Weight Loss

Tart cherry consumption can increase the metabolism in a human body. It can help in burning calories and prevent the storage of fat around one’s belly. Hence if one wants to lose some body weight they must include this fruit to their daily diet.

 One can buy cherry berry mix online and use them to make their home tarts and pies. One can also add them to their regular fruit salad bowl.


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