Top Signs And Symptoms That Car Indicates That It Needs Servicing!


With the increase in technology, cars and automobiles have evolved drastically. They do require a substantial amount of care and maintenance. Being able to detect the problem of your vehicle is serious and in need of immediate service can save you time and hassle.

Over time mechanical and electrical problems develop and slowly become apparent the more you drive, and it might turn into a serious problem if you leave unnoticed.

The tell-tales indicated by the car allows you to book car repair in Bangalore for car service before it breaks down. Check out the top 5 signs and symptoms indicate that your car needs service:

·        Flashing warning lights


If there is an engine problem in your car, then there will be an illuminate in the car indicator. It might also indicate to you that it requires a service or something that needs attention. Then it needs immediate service and calls upon the service person to come and repair it.


·        Arising of smoke


Smoke coming from the under car hood is something serious about the car and only minimal smoke should be emitted. Smoke from the overheating of the car indicates a problem with the engine, excessive smoke might be the leak of oil and it requires immediate service.


·        Abnormal vibrations or excessive noise


Any kind of vibrations or noise should be inspected immediately and these noises might come from bearing that might go bad, squeal noise indicates that the brakes should be changed, and any vibrations might be due to the tire wear. Check also for the suspension problem, failure of the nuts or joints, or any plastic burns. Once you start these noises and signs, rush to the best car service centre in Bangalore.


·        Stalling


Even if you are driving in the right gear and you experience a sudden stalling, then it indicates a fault with your engine. It might occur due to the clog in the fuel filters or spark plugs. So, find the garage to give it an urgent service.


·        Ignition issues


If you experience that your car doesn't start immediately and takes numerous attempts, then it is a sign for the service. Even if your car coughs and splutters, it is a sign of the faulty ignition. There are numerous problems this sign arise and so check immediately with the service person.


·        Lower mileage


If you find your car is drinking a lot of fuel or gas, then it needs to be serviced. Unnoticed might not only give you an issue of cost but also indicate that your car is not functioning at top performance. Check if there is an off in the tire pressure or time to tune-up.


Other signs and symptoms that your car needs servicing include:

·        Excessive smoke from the exhaust

·        Transmission problem

·        Leakages

·        Noisy while you drive

·        Shaking of engine

·        Shaky ride

·        Loss in power

·        Unusual brake activity

·        Sensitive brakes and gears

·        Alignment issues


Just as you would listen to your own body and schedule regular checkups, our car also needs regular services. Be sure to stay vigilant and listen for any of these above symptoms and signs to ensure the safety of the car for more years of working!

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