Avail antifungal lip cream if symptoms of lip infection occur

 The lips are sensitive areas of body parts. The two fold fleshy mass of lips may be affected with fungal infections starting from the corners of the mouth. To protect lips from fungal infections, some medicated cream may be applied. This may be antifungal cream for lips and this may be applied on surface of lips as medication of the diseases. Lip infection may be caused by fungus or yeast.  To get rid of the fungal infection on lips, medicated cream may be used for arresting the fungi. Medication of fungi is based on antifungal cream.

Type of yeast or fungi

Lip infection is really disturbing and may start with some abnormalities on lips with sores. Actually, the infection may start from inside the mouth. This may happen with persons with low immunity. Gradually, the infection may spread over the outer surface of lips. So, medication may be started with antifungal lip cream for lips. Various brands are available for cream for treating lip fungus. Ketomac anti fungal lip cream may be used for quick relief. Lip fungus is generally formed by Candida yeast. This is type of fungus which thrives in moist and warm conditions. Actually, the growth of the yeast is controlled by the good bacteria or microorganisms in our body. If in humans, the control of good bacteria is not balanced, then the growth of lip fungus is increased abnormally. Therefore, humans have to be very strong within inside and immunity should be high. 

Spreading the condition 

 This condition of lip infection may spread rapidly over throat, esophagus. The smokers are very sensitive to this problem of lip infection. so, as soon as the disease is detected, it should be treated with antifungal lip cream available in the market. Another type of lip infection may occur due to deficiency of riboflavin which is one type of vitamin in vitamin B complex. This type of infection is termed as angular Cheilitis. So, whenever the symptoms of lip infection will be visible, medication process shod be started immediately. The symptoms of lip infection are listed below: 

  • White patches and sores on lips or mouth corners

  • Burning and itching sensation

  • Lack of moisture on lips

  • Redness due to swelling of lips

  • Fluids collected on lips and creation of bumps

  • Cravings for sweets and sugar

  • Feeling of weakness 

Probable causes

  • Consumption of alcohol 

  • Wearing of dentures

  • Immunity problem due to poor nutrition

  • Poor blood flow to lips

  • Application of toxin type chemicals on lips through lipstick or lip balm

  • Deficiency of vitamin B12 ,vitamin E, iron


  • Application of antifungal lip cream

  • Apply tea tree oil or similar product holding antifungal properties

  • Avoid spicy food 

  • Avoid sugar intake as it is good source of growth of Candida yeast


Whenever presence of lip fungus is felt, antifungal lip cream should be applied on the affected parts. Ketomac lip cream is the leading product I the category.

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